Well well!!! Looks like Kingorilla tired to punk Rodney and Dornail out!! But umm. I didn’t work at all. Dornail’s still intent on not fighting, but Rodney can’t be stopped!!! So here comes the FULL FURY of the 500 club!!! How will Rodney fend off 500 foes!? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT PAGE!!!

I’ll be working on that page this weekend! HUZZAH!!


Want some Book one progress? It’s little but it’s there!

I wrote another strip over the weekend. LOL. 7 done. 3 to go. I’ll try to finish the writing this weekend.

Give some love to my comic pals!!

See that link box to the left that mentions Silk N’ Honey, Phin, Zik, Mallville… They’re good comics! Check ’em out!