Why didn’t this go up earlier?! Man… I stayed up and killed myself all night for NOTHING! Oh well. Here ya go! FRESH PAGEY GOODNESS!!

So it would seem that the man and woman weren’t maybe who you THOUGHT they were! I wonder what’s happened to Dave and Miko? Anyway SMOKING HOTTIE & KINGORILLA rule the new Endale!! And they want TRIBUTE!! But you know .. naturally that’s not going to go over well.

Then a connection between our assassin and this royal ape is revealed although the details of it don’t add up to Dornail!

Anyway things end up physical but it’s clear they’re no match for Rodney… or are they?!

TUNE IN NEXT PAGE FOR THE FINAL PAGE OF ISSUE 13 and the climactic finale of the first half of this two part tale! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!!

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