Well, I got back from my weekend beach trip excursion quite rested and relaxed. This was a mistake. I only had 2 evenings to do anything this week (wed and Thursday) and then BAM.. BACK ON THE ROAD! I gotta head outta state to check out some apartments. Sadly between packing, saying goodbyes to friends, and preparing for the apartment hunting this weekend ALL IN 2 EVENINGS I didn’t get issue 14 anywhere near done. Ah well. But I anticipate it’ll easily go up next week. So THAT’S good news!

Where’d this fetching art come from?

Courtesy of Barry Linck founder of the fantastic Phineus! MAGICIAN FOR HIRE ! You should read the shit out of it if you get a chance. Why not give it a go this weekend? Anyway Barry was kind enough to bust out the world’s finest ass kickers here. So I thought I’d put them in the spot light. Thanks B!

But, Raven, do you have any book 1 news?

Kind of ish? I was extremely lucky in that I’ll be keeping my day job as I move from state to state!! So that will help IMMENSELY as I don’t have to focus on job hunting and adjusting to a new schedule! So after the move yours truly can focus back on 2 things: UPDATING MORE FREQUENTLY AND GETTING THAT BOOK 1 KICKSTARTER FINALIZED! WOOT!

Anyway I’ll see you fine folks next week! Till then!