Ya can’t outswim Dornail!!! It looks like it’s time for our mystery man to be unveiled!! But… A humble Mass Quantity burger employee?!?! Dornail feels slightly disrespected our would be killer didn’t see fit to change out of his day job’s attire.

Oh didn’t you know Mass Quantity Burger was in Endale? Well it’s quite a famous burger chain.  They exist all over the world! Despite having a clown mascot they’re very popular. Aside from that if you read Endless City you’ll see a familiar face from issue 1 lives in Endale!! I wonder if the boys will bump into him?

This was actually meant to go up over the weekend, but the dojo was quite the little butt hole over the weekend. I had to fight it a bit!! But that means that there will be another page Friday.

And with any luck at all I’ll be debuting BOOK ONE’S COVER at the beginning of next week!

That means hopefully soon we’ll get back to two (or three) updates a week! WOOT! Anyway one last thing:

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