AFTER A BLAST of unexpected STEEL CRANE STYLE KUNG FU catches Dornail off gaurd, our horny hero quickly gets the upper hand back. But our mystery assassin doesn’t shed much light on anything. In fact he doesn’t seem like he’s going to be answering much of anything anymore!   HE’S GETTING AWAY!!! Can our hero’s catch him in time??! (Well.. um.. no cause he’s definitely dead.. Rodney’s a moron).

Killer removes his own head! Adventure aHEAD! This issue is coming to a HEAD! Next week–MULTIPLE UPDATES! WOOT!


Ah yes. Thorn in my side. Labor of love. I’ll be putting up a dedicated page to release info. This week.. this MONTH has remained insane due to my fiance’s closing business, job hunting, impending moves, and of course, the book itself. But that page of info IS COMING!!


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