In today’s comic the boys take the long train ride to Endale. I wanted to have some fun with the notion of a long continuous train ride on a single page that was NOT an over head view. hope you like it!! But wait… Dornail’s not asleep in that last panel is he? That’s no good! We know what happens when he sleeps… I think thinks aren’t likely to be so tranquil on the next page!!

Also it’s Girls With Slingshots guest page day!!

Click for full comic!Click the thumbnail over on the left for the full comic! While you’re at it check out Danielle’s comic Girls with Slingshots. You might have heard of it. Anyway Danielle is one of the few webcomic artists I’ve actually met. A super nice person. Represents my home state of West Virginia. And has a fantastic cactus mascot doll she takes to cons with her that I understand she made herself. Well I had a blast with this. I hope you enjoy my alternate reality take on GWS.


LASTLY IN BOOK NEWS: Cover 2 is completely finished. 3 and 4 are in the works. Of cover 2 , Adam black says : “Fried gold, man! FRIED MOTHERFUCKIN’ GOLD”   TL Allen says: ” I just can’t get over this . You have no idea how cool is this”