Dornail is probably realizing that it’s not exactly the beset idea to count on Rodney to keep you awake (or awaken you without some for of physical harm). And as the train is just outside of Endale Dornail realizes Jake is M.I.A. just as their train goes D.O.A.    Things are going to get INTENSE FROM HERE!!!  SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET HECTIC!!  Where’s JAKE?! What made the Train go KERBOOM!?  TUNE IN NEXT TIME!!


As of this writing I’m half way done with the covers! I would have been a little more than half way done, but one of the covers I drew I thought would be okay, but upon looking at it more and more it’s phoned in and crappy. No good. So 3 down 3 to go. Exciting stuff!!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!