With Jake safe and the pipod snuggly tucked up a butt (?) the boys can focus on the matter at hand—SHARK ATTACK!! But wait.. in the distance the source of the explosions emerges. Taking flight it’s up to Dornail and Rodney to catch that man!!

The world’s greatest unknowns are in hot pursuit of a mystery man who meant to kill them DEAD!! LOOK OUT ENDALE! HERE’S TA SWIMMIN’ WITH BOW LEGGED WOMEN!

—-UP NEXT: Dornail vs. a Jet Ski !?

ALSO BOOK 1 PINUP UPDATES: Looks like we’re nearing the end of the covers!! This is great great news! Only 2 more covers remain. After that I can get things to a more frequent pace here. Not 3 pages a week just yet , but hopefully 2 pages a week . I’d give you quotes from the folks who’ve seen the covers, but mostly they’ve been stuff like “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!” and things of that nature. LOL.

Anyway I can’t wait to get the last covers knocked out of the way! Then I’ll have more book news to share beyond that!! Also the dojo can get a bit more frequent. That’s all I have for now! Stay in School–Shark School!