Oh man… So WAY BACKĀ  (just as silencio was starting) I told Harry I’d do a cross over with his Endless City comic. Dear God did it take a while to get here!!! Anyway I’m VERY excited. This ain’t no little cameo.. Danger Dave and Miko are going to be integral to this story. If you read Endless City then you know that there’s a bit of a shared world there anyway (or at least .. shared food chains!). Dojo cameos.. Easter eggs. Plus it’s a hell of a fun ride. And a hell of a visual treat!! Anyway So begins Issue 13!!

So what could possibly tie these 3, very different folks together? Dave dishes the dirt NEXT PAGE!!

P.S. Don’t sweat it if you haven’t read Endless City. Momma didn’t raise no fool. I’ll write so everyone can enjoy this issue. BUT it’s an amazing comic and it’d certainly not HURT to read it! It’s awesome!