CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT PAGE 1 of my new comic HOME!!!

So hey there guys and gals!! I said there was a big announcement coming!! This is actually the first announcement.. there is another coming. Anyway Let’s talk about HOME!


A new webcomic by me! It’s the space adventures of #1, #2 , and #3 as they make their way home. It is all ages (although this is definitely not kiddy stuff.. it just won’t have anything super offensive.. other than violence which most people don’t care about). Perhaps most daring is the entire comic will be wordless. I did this to showcase my sequential art power!!! Plus I wanted to do a wordless comic for a long time. Also I want this comic to hit anyone regardless of reading level or language. So there you go!! That’s HOME in a nut shell.


This means I’m not going to be doing LESS Raven’s Dojo (yes I know it’s been rough lately, but we’ll be trying to work up to speed in 2012). The benefit of HOME being wordless and colorless is that it takes WAY less time to do than your average dojo page! So the pages for HOME can be knocked out with little time consumption.

ALSO HOME IS A FINITE SERIES (unlike Raven’s Dojo which is ongoing):

I want to make Raven’s Dojo until the day I drop dead. That’s the truth! I’ve been drawing these characters since I was little and I”ve never gotten bored with them ever. I’m sure I will keep having fun with them which hopefully means you’ll keep having fun with them. HOME on the other hand is a short story. A few issues and it’s all been told! So enjoy it while it lasts.

If you have anything else you want to ask feel free to comment! I’ll do my best to answer any questions!! And please spread the word! I’m very excited!!

HOME’s inclusion means I’ll be updating to be a better hub site. It’s still wayyyyyy too ugly to be acceptable.


There are no comments on HOME comic pages.. but I have spoken with Adam Black about making a section for it on his forums! Let me know if this interests you !