And we are BACK! So thank you so very very much for hanging with me! You know I have to say.. That was a blast!! But ME OH MY it took far far longer than I’d thought! Sorry to keep you waiting! So let’s put this puppy to bed! The Invincible Hero lives!! And what of Omega Dog? What took so long?! Tune in and see!

I wouldn’t be surprised if another page made it’s way dojo side this weekend!


Those of you who can count know I didn’t quite do 10 pieces!! I’m to the point now where I can work on those final commissions and still update. So I’m going forward seeing as how it’s been a month! If I still owe you art PLEASE CONTACT ME! I’ll be trying again to contact you! HOWEVER, For you 3 fellows whose work I did most recently I’ll be mailing your work out this Monday! WOO HOO!! .

At anyrate I’ll also email this info out. Just letting folks know!

MMMMMMMMM… What else? Thanks so much again for sticking with me! I had to make right on those commissions and I knew it’d lead to more updates than usual.. so I went for it! also Extra special thanks to my guest artists!! What a pleasant surprise and life saver you guys were!

Also I can’t tell you how awesome LOCUS is right now!! If you’re not reading this is an amazing time to be a Locus reader! Things are building to a frantic SERIES conclusion!! Hop over there and read all 19 issues! Or better yet, throw 10 bucks Adam’s way and get in on that daily update list. Damn that’s so good. Anyway here’s the link:

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here in a bit!