Well, the image above pretty much says it all. I gotta renew my hosting for the site and like a TOTAL FOOL I did it around Christmas—DURRRR!! Anyway cash is tight (as I’m sure it is for us all!), but 6 bucks here and there will add up quick and cover the cost. Any help is appreciated and if you don’t like those designs there are wall papers and a few other button designs to choose from. Anyway to help out I put the pay pal donation button right here at the bottom of the site! There’s 2 sizes to choose.. same design. There’s the one inch (like what folks put on belts and guitar straps) and 1.75 (go well on hats, backpacks, the flesh of a foe). Anyway thanks a bunch! I’ll be trying to knock out an update over the weekend too. Wish me luck.