And here we go!! 2 days late (GROAN!) but hey, life never ceases to throw me curveballs. Anyway I say 2 days because it’s still wed to me. I’ll be updating this as fast and as hard as I can.

Commission #1 of 10 goes to Brandon who told me to Draw Rodney doing something kick ass. Well why not have Rodney kicking some ass? It’s probably the fact that we just came off halloween that he’s kickin’ classic monster ass, but there you have it! This pic still needs color but I’m going to keep the updates going as fast and frequent as I can from here on out. This INCLUDES updating on the weekend!! So since the update schedule is now “as fast as possible” keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you, Brandon. This piece was a blast to draw. I haven’t done a straight pin up in a while! I had to shake the rust off! I’ll be coloring you pic soon and mailing you all your goodies a.s.a.p!!

Stay tuned! I hope to crank out the next pic tomorrow night!

Also if you haven’t been reading Locus it’s a fantastic time to. The comic is ending very soon!! Adam’s really spillin’ the beans on so many great secrets. Dig in: