And here we are!! DAMMIT it’s been fucking BANANAS this week!That’s okay though. Your man Raven is keeping his head up. ha ha. Lost a few days .. gotta try like fuck to make it up on the weekend. Wish me luck! I’m 100% going to get this colored and up by Friday night/Saturday Morning It’s going to go in the mail on Monday by the hammer of thor!!

Anyway what we have here is the commission patron being saved from a wrecking ball by our favorite rookie super heroine. When I was looking at references I saw he had a super cute dog and my girlfriend kinda demanded the dog get added. ha ha. It’s funnier that way. Also the patron said it was okay with him!

I hope he enjoys! Gonna color the SHIT out of this one!!

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And one last announcement!
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Okay.. back to work.. actually gotta get to bed.. work comes early. After work: COLOR! WOOT!