Ah! Yes. Another VERY fun pic to draw! The fellow who requested this one was legitimately in the service. So I tried my damndest to make it match the request of “ww2 style pinup Rosetta Stone”. Having said that those pinups.. they were modest compared to my typical brand of smut! They were sweet and generally leggy. I hope I conveyed that. I was tempted to go nuts with eagles and ammo everywhere.. but as I studied the inspiration, that wasn’t exactly how those pinups looked!

Anyway I’m very excited to color this one. All of the pinups I was asked to do were very awesome!! By the way.. If you note this is 4 of 10 not 3 of 10. My 3rd commission is still making up his mind! So if you’re out there #3 Do let me know what I can do for you!

Coming up tommorrow: ww2 pinup Rosetta COLOR MODE!