Ah, I’ve been silent these last 2 pages, but I do feel like chatting you up on these 3. In addition I feel there are things on the last 2 pages I can safely reply to without spoiling this or that. So look forward to replies on that tomorrow through out the day (I meant to comment on the weekend, but the more I looked at it I really liked the mood and tone it set—even if it was Wadsworth’s funeral not Rodney’s). Sometimes… It’s best to just let the work speak for itself!!

Now here’s some very important info about next week!! Exciting news for my patient 10 commissions!! Remember when i needed emergency help after the move and 10 fine fellows stepped forth to save the day? Yeah well, I’ve kept them waiting and that’s not cool. They paid upfront and if I was them I’d be pissed. HOWEVER, They’ve been silent saints. But they’ve waited long enough. I thought I could work hard and do the commissions AND the comic pages, but it’s just been impossible. So After Friday’s page I’ll be working like a fiend to make those 10 commissions happen. That means the dojo will be on a slight delay. I anticipate it will just mean missing a single week of comic pages. Friday’s page is a perfect stopping point for the week off. I’ve been waiting for things to hit a not too cruel stopping point. Anyway understand that I just don’t want these fellows waiting any longer than they already have. It’s just not cool.

Anyway that’s the haps! After taking next week off updates will resume like normal!

So let’s enjoy the rest of the week’s pages and I’ll keep you all in the loop!! Also thanks so much everyone for using the SHARE function to post to facebook, twitter, etc! It’s VERY helpful and I am VERY thankful!