LEAPING from the moon with his might the Omega Dog BARELY catches the dojo!! Of course this isn’t good. But when split second decisions are needed real heroes know just what to do. Rodney dives back into the beast!!!
WE MUST MAKE IT TO EARTH!! COME ON, RODNEY!! SAVE THE DAY!! Our moon adventure is barreling towards it’s thrilling conclusion!!

By the way… A BRAND NEW adventure has started on Locus!! Well, I’m here to tell you, you can never tell what that comic’s going to do next. Anyway dig into the newest issue if you get a chance! If you haven’t given the comic a chance, it’s a great monster mash!!

Also you may have noticed, but our dojo is brand new looking!! YAY!! There’s a few little things left to do, but be sure to give me your feed back!!