So you see… In the end they thought they’d roll up tough and intimidate old Gil. Seems like the little freak had more back bone than they anticipated! But uh.. that’s probably NOT a good thing for him right about now. WHEREVER IT REARS IT’S MALFORMED HEAD WE SHALL CRUSH EVIL!!! But will old Gil cough up the rocket fuel?? Or will they end up killin’ the little freak?
Friday’s page has the answers!!! BE THERE!!

You know… I’ve been thinking about next week’s “hiatus”… I’m not taking time off! I’m working on these 10 fan-TASTIC commissions!! Full color! And many are Raven’s Dojo themed! So why not share that as well? Instead of putting the site on hiatus I think I’ll share the commissions as I make them (when they are dojo centric).

In addition I’ve had 2 fellows offer up some guest comics to help out!! THAT ROCKS!! So look forward to that!!

In the mean time.. Did you know Locus is barreling toward’s it’s thrilling SERIES CONCLUSION? Well, I gotta tell you. Shit’s about to get hectic. Spook is a mean, spider eatin’ super demon. And as if that ain’t bad ass enough, the man is getting ready to bring out the quad shotgun from PHANTASM! Now that kicks huge heaps of ass!! Get hip to it!

Lastly but DEFINITELY not leastly: Thanks again to everyone who is sharing on facebook and tweeting! It’s so simple and fast, but I promise you it matters! Thanks again!