Well.. first off thanks greatly folks for sticking in there. I rarely feel like things are completely out of my control. I’ll go to great lengths to update. This time was really different. It was a perfect storm of multiple situations, all of them unavoidable. And for the first time since I relaunched I felt I really had no control of my situation and so, no way to really update.

Anyway most  of the madness is done. I have a drawing table back up and a computer back up. So it’s go time!! Let me just say that I’ll do my damndest to make sure a month like August never happens again.

So thanks again for sticking in there! I’m very excited about this issue’s conclusion! And even more excited for the next issue!

next page.. Dornail’s “blow up doll-fu”!!  I suspect it’ll be up Sunday. Maybe sunday/monday. I often work super late so it’ll creep up in the late a.m.s. (like tonight’s page did).

Let me say Thank you greatly to all 10 commission purchasers. All 10 slots are filled and I’m going to get in touch with you all this weekend.

Some of you have already detailed what you want. I’m excited for those rosetta pics! ha ha. Anyway it can’t be said enough having to move twice in the course of 9 days money has been a big burden. you helped a lot!! So thank you again!!

Let me think.. is that all? Ah.. one last thing..

I’m going to move the dojo back history off to it’s own section and keep replying to it a bit.

That is, as soon as I figure out how  I can do that. My lap top was in storage longer than I wanted during the 9 day gap. So I didn’t really get to reply the way I wanted to.


There we go.. that seems to be it!! Anyway it’s GREAT to be back! Back to the drawing board!!