Emerging from the Omega Dog Rodney realizes… TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! They must get off the moon!! But first the Omega Dog MUST be dealt with (he’s just not going to leave our heroes alone). As you see, Rodney’s initial strategy doesn’t work so well. Anyway Dornail’s up and it’s time to get back to the original plan–Dornail: get the fuel and the doc back to the dojo! Rodney: Take care of that DOG!!

Stay tuned! Our issue is barreling towards it’s action packed conclusion!

In other news– Locus.. You know her right?

Started about the time of the dojo and a damn fine read. So much more than boobs, blood, and bad language (as if you NEED more). Right now Hampstead’s past is getting explored. He’s the heavy of the series and one of it’s most enigmatic secrets. Dig in!! It’s a real treat!!


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