Ha ha. I’m sorry guys and gals. I was just cracking up the whole time I drew it. Anyway if it didn’t sit right with you don’t worry. Blow Up Doll Fu is at an end! And hey!! Rodney’s free!! Time to take care of business.   Time is running out!! We gotta get off the damn moon!! Rodney and Dornail, hurry!

I think I’ll be able to get a page up over the weekend with ease. Look forward to that!

Also have you read Issue 17 of Locus?!


If not, that shit is bananas!! It’s all coming to a head fast. Get  your read on with my favorite Godslayer won’t you?

Anyway, see you all this weekend!!

(P.S. Commission fellows, I sent an email out, but I’m suspecting it didn’t go or some such technological cluster fuckery. I’ll resend one a.s.a.p. I’m eager to start work this weekend!!)