And you may wonder to yourself what most of the things you’re seeing here are. And I will tell you: The future… Adventures for another day. There are amazing secrets all around us says Rodney. And the far side of the moon has lots of sights unseen.

Anyway within the context of the story it’s a punch foreshadowed a bit by the way Sarah’s punch sent Rodney flying. Just a little this punch vs. that punch.

As you can see Dornail is very close!! Rodney’s gotta catch up! But is that really the last of the Omega Dog!? Time is running out! Air is running out! WE-MUST-GET-OFF-THE-MOON!! This issue’s thrilling conclusion is barreling down on our heads!!
Oh by the by! Have you been reading Locus lately?

I say this because SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN! over there as well. You don’t just play around in the mind of the world’s greatest evil without there being some serious risk. Also are you reading the comments as well? Some very fine, photoshop fun is being had! It’s marvelous fun. Definitely worth your time.

So why not head on over and give Locus a read as well?