One of my BIGGEST weaknesses is that I’m so busy I often am slow to reply or approve new comments. i believe these folks maybe don’t see the comments get approve and vanish into the wood work. That makes me sad! Did you know right now 386 people are registered here?! But if you read regularly you know maybe 10 to 15 regularly comment. Tsk tsk. I blame myself.

Anyway if you’re lurking I just want to say Raven remembers ya! So a few days back (and a page or 2 back) a new commenter named Ali signed on and wanted to ask about Gravatars.

I love gravatars. You should all have one!! They’re free and easy! Many webcomics use word press and this way you go to one place to update your avatar and it changes across all the webcomics you read. Nifty eh? Below is a little info on it.

  1. Go to and sign up. It’s free! Be sure to use an email you use for your webcomic reading. This email is how gravatar knows where to send your pic!
  2. Upload any image. Don’t worry about size. You can crop it after the fact!
  3. Allow 5-10 min for the change to take effect. After that you should see your pic at all your comics you use that email with!
  4. Bask in the glory of having a unique image associated with your posts therefore cementing your identity with your fellow readers.

The niftiest part is that gravatars save and you can easily switch between the library of avatars you’ve made. Easy stuff.

Anyway thanks again for commenting! And I’ll try to be jiffy with the replies (although I hope you understand if I’m not I usually am busy working on the comic or doing some heinous task that’s keeping me from working on the comic).

See you around the dojo!