Hey guys and gals!!

So first thing’s first. For the next 5 updates we will be learning a bit about the secret origins of Rodney and Dornail and how they got where they are! Then we will get back to the dojo proper adventure in progress. Also I WILL be here with you! Ask questions if you like!

I apologize that I never got that dojo page up. I greatly underestimated the time consumption the move would take. And for all that it’s moving day today!! AND I gotta move again 1 more time in 9 days!! So here’s what I did, I didn’t like the spot that the next page would leave you at. So I whipped up 5 of these updates. Then we should be back to normal. I think it’ll beĀ  a neat sneak peak behind the curtain and will be a fun way to answer questions. I’m going to have internet, but I won’t have my supplies to create stuff (moving blows, ladies and gents).

Anyway I hope you enjoy and again, feel free to ask some questions~!