Oh me oh my!! So Rodney is fighting the omega dog. It’s been quite literally a pissing match. But well… he is a giant dog that eats things. So what next?! Find out this weekend!!


Also… let’s get under the dojo’s hood for a second shall we? This concerns all of you!

So to make a zippier dojo, I installed super cache. Many comic sites use it. I’m always late to the party. However, you may notice some odd things. Just let me know if you do!! The way it SHOULD work is that as long as you are logged in the pages DO NOT cache. Meaning you will see comments update in real time, etc etc. It’ll behave the exact same. Users who are not logged in may have to wait a bit for their browsers to reflect comments.  Anyway I’m ironing it all out. So far the speed is noticeable (to me at least).

I’ll keep you posted. Provide feed back of wonkiness.