Phew.. Well the page is fully drawn. Sadly there’s still coloring to go. I’ve got work at 9am (which means being up by 8:35 or so), so I gotta face reality and call it a night. That’s okay though! That means I’ll definitely knock it out tomorrow after work! Anyway thanks for all your patience. This moving once a year business… at first it was fun, now I’m kind of tired of it! It definitely gets in the way of updating. It also hurts my back and leads to fun scenario’s like me getting my hand smashed between a couch and a wall (my drawing hand has a large purple bruise just below my first pinky joint!!).

Luckily, it hasn’t stopped me from drawing or even slowed me down! (UNluckily I’m still losing time like crazy each afternoon after work as I handle various moving tasks).

Ah well!! That’s just a bit of extra for you. ha ha. I’m going to sleep!! Tomorrow I color then BAM! A new page!