Action mode ENGAGE!! You PROBABLY knew this was coming. That’s okay!! We’ve paid our dues. Learned about this fearsome beast. Now it’s time to throw down!! But as Dornail implies time is running out! They’ve got to get back to the dojo and FAST! But with the Omega Dog on their trail it won’t be so simple. Tune in NEXT TIME!!! RODNEY & DORNAIL VS. THE OMEGA DOG VS. RAPIDLY DECLINING ATMOSPHERE!!

Oh.. still there?

Have you been reading Locus lately? It’s been quite action packed!!

Long time readers know I love Locus. It’s quite amazing! New readers you don’t know what you’re missing!! There is a lot of incredible action going on right now over there. Including a stoner werewolf (former) viking. Honest to goodness. No lie. And a topless chick fighting mexican airplanes with nothing but swords and a smile. Get into it guys!!

Oh?? Are you still , STILL here?

Can I be serious for a second and say thanks guys. The dollars donations keep coming in. I’m not joking when I say dollar donations really do help!! If I had a dollar for everyone that comes here in a day I could quite working for 6 months. No joke. If I had a dollar for everyone that comes in a month I could quit work for a year. Everyone’s not giving a dollar. ha ha. But you know for those of you who are I am REALLY grateful. Hell, to that guy who donated 50 cents. You helped too!  Anyway Thanks.

Final thing.. swear to goodness..

Apartment hunting has reared it’s ugly head. It comes but once a year, but it sucks the damn time and life out of me. I’m going to try to bust out pages, but after work, that’s when it’s apartment time and after that there’ s precious little time. Just saying if it gets a little wonky for a bit I’m sorry. But I’ll keep you posted as I’ve been trying to do. Plus I’m really at a fun rewarding part for me in the comic. So I’m dying to crank out pages. Thanks for your patience. You guys totally rock.