Like my first design? It’s for sale now! Go here to get one! http://skreened.com/ravensdojo/smb2-dojo-crew It’s invoking the super mario brothers 2 ‘skill’ rank illustration. If you go there you can get this design with or without the white underneath it. It’s best to get it with the white under it for color t-shirts, but for white shirts (or if you don’t mind it being transparent) you can save 5 bucks by doing without it. Anyway I’m very excited. I’m going to debut more designs. Next week’s design features a very popular “stone killah!” who would do anything for love. I can’t wait for you to see him.

To make up for the loss of ad revenue I’m going to try and create more things for you to partake in. Plus I like shirts. There practically all I ever wear. well… pants too! Anyway.. on to the REST of the update!



Dornail only had the best intentions in mind! Honest!… Okay… no.. not honestly. But he paid the price for his boldness. Hmmm. Maybe it’s not clear on this page alone, but Sarah’s stating that this Space Base Zero thing doesn’t fill her with confidence. She thinks far too little of Rodney and Dornail to believe that they are privy to secrets due to their alleged past as heroes. Rodney just wants her to know that hey.. Believe in us or not..there ARE secrets all around you!! Like TERRIBLE facial hair!? Well.. tune in next page!

Speaking of which…Tomorrow and the next day are pretty shot due to the convention. If you’re in the Asheville NC area DO stop by!! All the info is at http://fanaticon.org/ for the con itself. And the pre party which I’ll be doing some live drawing at is covered in detail here


So page SUNDAY!! (that’s the plan anyway)