So now that we know what happened to put the dojo crew on the moon… what now?! Well you better believe… RODNEY HAS A PLAN!! (Mmmmmmmm… Tasty Victory Bacon!)

Also… One update weeks? HATE ‘EM!! Gonna bust it OUT here..
Sorry. It bugs me.. It just bugs me!! I know that you fine folks understand that the comic isn’t something I have a lot of time to work on. In fact.. I rarely have a spare moment!! So when stuff jumps up and slaps that precious free time out of my hands it hinders dojo updates. Just so long as you know I hate it! Can’t STAND missing updates. And I’m really gonna kick some ass to get a good stream of content going. A lot of irons in the fire. Nothing bad just prepping for a move, job hunting, blah blah blah… Anyway Just a little statement of dedication.

Also.. have you been reading Locus? If not , what are ya waiting for? Right now us long time fans are getting a real treat, but it’s a great time to jump in for you TOO new reader!

Also… Stay tuned comment fans… I’m going to get reply happy here real soon (can’t now.. the thunderous keystrokes would wake my girlfriend who is dozing not so far away right now)