Ahhhhh……. You most likely saw this coming. Or maybe you didn’t!! Anyway I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the shot! To put it in terms more like a writer should use, Dornail just wouldn’t miss this chance!! Anyway I hope you got a laugh…LOOKS LIKE WE LEARNED WHO PUT THEM ON THE MOON!! But uh.. who is Gil?! Answers on the VERY next page!!

In the mean time.. welcome to the webcomic world a very good friend and visual revolutionary, DARK HARRY’S ENDLESS CITY!! At 7 pages young you want to get in on this now so you can snob newbs later! Link to the right amongst the comic chums

ALSO : FEAST YOUR EYES!! Curt Sibling who rocks so hard made me some dojo fan art! Check out his deviant page for all kinds of awesome-and of course..comics! http://curtsibling.deviantart.com/