Hey cats and kittens!

Well… I know this may be an abrupt transition for you guys but I hope you’ll hear me out. This last comic has shown me that I probably shouldn’t be pouring so much effort into long format story telling. It gets bogged down.. You miss updates working on the page.. Really as much as I love it I have to face facts: Comic STRIPS rule the web. So I’m no fool! I’m going to repackage Raven’s Dojo. I think you’ll find all the charm and character still come across in this new format. And I’m going to really knock your socks off with the way I make a static layout work for a ton of different situations. Obviously this has been done already online , but I’m dying to try my hand at it! So GET READY DOJOHOLICS!! Here comes a BOLD NEW DIRECTION FOR RAVEN’S DOJO!
Please feel free to comment away. I’d love your feed back on this new style!