Ah what a journey!! To think 2010 was the year of Silencio…  I didn’t mean it to go more than 3 issues (for the record it just went an extra issues length..mostly due to fights and zombie cameos), but I’m pleased with the shape it took. Anyway Can’t say I won’t miss him! But the beat goes on.

There’s some subtext here to this page! I’ll let you digest that one on your own though.

UP NEXT? Well… What next? (this story has a page or 3 to go)
By the by! Did you notice there’s a stunning Rosetta Stone face by Adam Black in the header? NEW WALLPAPER BY ADAM “LOCUS” BLACK”
Man… I’m pretty sure she’s his favorite character and it shows in this gorgeous new wall paper. For the desktop that’s more short cut intense, this is a good one. And as always donate whatever you like!