YAY!! New Raven’s Dojo!! Yay The Shelf!! Man… It’s been too long! Anyway now you know why Rodney had a book on his head. Going up against a large occult ritual the boys wanted a little extra info on what they were up against. Not being able to read the book themselves they had little choice but to seek The Shelf! I believe it’s evident in this page, and through dialogue that The Shelf can comprehend any book’s entire contents instantly merely by putting the book on his shelf, right? I know it’s been a while. Well we did learn a little bit more about why fire eyes needed silencio . I’m sure he LOOKED healthy, but he couldn’t have done the deed himself. Being at the end of his life is also why he was seeking to extend it.
Anyway enough waiting… on the very next page we learn just exactly WHO is Rosa? At this point the boys have never heard of her… BE THERE!

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Anyway thanks again. I am very excited… This suit has a few projects lined up already..

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