And so at last we see the final piece of the puzzle. Rodney and Dornail simply disagree on Rosa and Silencio. Dornail doesn’t view her really as much of an emotional character and thus pretty much views Silencio as a obsessed murderer. Rodney views Rosa as real and thus the interaction between Rosa and Silencio recolors his perceptions.

To keep Rosa’s sacrifice and integrity in tact Rodney makes a gamble that Silencio will keep his promise not to kill and eventually give up on his violent life if Rodney puts himself as the main focus of his hate.

So now you know why Rodney was the one to smash Rosa on Murder Mountain. As well as the source of his and Dornail’s disagreement about how to handle the truth of Rosa.

At this stage I doubt I’m surprising anyone but these are pieces of the story I’d rather just be explicit rather than implicit. Also the differing opinions on Rosa’s story are why I chose to have the shelf simply narrate Rosa’s life. If they are merely presented as words it’s slightly easier for you to paint the images the way you imagine them. Seems most of you see things Rodney’s way. ha ha. But I imagine there are a few like Dornail who have to wonder why you’d tell someone you never loved them.

Anyway this story is rapidly drawing to a close. Tune in on the next page as Dornail wraps up his recount of Rosa’s story and proves ice water doesn’t run through his veins. ha ha.

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