Oh man!! Phew!! Am I ever breathing a sigh of relief. Save a PRECIOUS few zombies that is OFFICIALLY ALL THE READER ZOMBIE REQUESTS!! WOOT!!! The remaining few zombies will get added, but their chums of mine so I’m sounding off to thank you guys now. Thank you all to everyone who lent me their likeness or character. You kept my zombie factory from producing stale, boring, similar zombies. I appreciate you so much and thank you for reading my comic!!

Anyway…As you can see in a lightning fast sword exchange you can’t mess up even for a second. Rodney catches Silencio’s sword in his sword’s gun hole…Silencio pops out lightning and thunder, but not before he can catch a meat mitt in the gut! BAM!!

Eric Dragun takes a swing only to lose a leg, Anna gets chopped like a pop tart, and … whoa… Demonica is just a little to into herself.

Anyway the Rodney Vs. Silencio Barrels towards it’s thrilling conclusion!!!

Death toll final?


1. Adam Black -zombified then decapitated by Sarah Lee.

2. Kristin Phillips – zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

3. Pogo Phillips -zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

4. Rebel Yoda -zombified then killed by Metal heads “axe chop”

5.Guy In A Chair-zombified then decapitated by Rodney’s Crotch Rocket

6.Stephanie Holley-zombified then rode the crotch rocket to an explosive climax

7. Thjis Koole -zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

8. Silvermane-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

9.Ammc- zombified then betrayed by her own head turning speed

10.Indigo Warrior-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

11. ThatGuyLewis-zombified then “busted” trying to chomp Rosetta

12. Internetninja -zombified..last seen being fooled by Dornail’s disguise

13. Julien C-zombified…Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

14. Evil Genius Jim-zombified ..Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

15. Shockdingo-zombified..Rode Dornail’s crotch rocket to death

16. Stazz-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

17. Hellbore-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

18. Saorla-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

19. Makarovjac-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

20. Angelico-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

21. Noble Sir Coalheart-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

22. James Wasson-zombified…enjoyed his final pipe before a Sarah Lee chainsaw chop!

23. Jackie O -zombified..signed Silencio’s “head crumb” volunteer sheet to lead Rodney to his doom.

24. Jackie O’s Fiance -zombified..signed Silencio’s “head crumb” volunteer sheet to lead Rodney to his doom.

25. Dozing Green -zombified..signed Silencio’s “head crumb” volunteer sheet to lead Rodney to his doom.

26.Godwinson-zombified…used as a meatshield by Dornail. Shot up by Buffalo.

27.teqifsha-zombified..used as meatshield by Dornail, then propellerized!

28. Supsuper-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

29. Bombosa-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

30. Raded Skull-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

31. Justjasonxliv-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

32. JuxxTheFluxx-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

33. Lucashc-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

34. GenBakaChan-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

35. Omega Forte-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

36. Zellkamishiro-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

37. Kevin Christopher-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

38. Jordan-sacrificed-zombified…weaponized!

39. PlagueWalker..sacrificed…zombified…weaponized!

40. Bhawke…sacrificed…zombified..weaponized!

41. Bladebeast..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

42.Corporate Bastard..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

43. Persona4444..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

44. Chimental…sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

45. Juice 1300..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

46. Gdawg..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

47. Mattcalledmatt…sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

48. Redneck Ninja..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

49. Blue Auros…sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!






55.Big Jim..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

56. Rasmus..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!



59.Vile Terror H..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

60. WolfDude 87..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

61. Chaos Fission..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!

62. Black Ice..sacrificed..zombified..weaponized!