Oh man. So forgive the slow. This demonica fight… It rewrote itself twice is the real issue. Believe me… It was lame. I was gonna have Rodney drink holy water and pee her out of existence. Then I was gonna have him throw a cross into the clouds and bless the sky turning the rain into holy bullets (but why wouldn’t he have done that all along!?). Ultimately this was much more satisfactory. Plus I had it in mind that getting it on with her would drag you to hell anyway! So why the heck did it take me so long to reach this conclusion!? Well.. for that I blame work. ha ha. Anyway here we are. Plus after all these pages we FINALLY have the full names of every member of the magnificent 7 IN COMIC (remember.. if it’s not on the comic page it hasn’t happened!). Again.. I have no idea why it took this long.

Anyway I’m proud that we hit 300 pages. Here’s to many, many many more.