Hey guys! So Santa brought meĀ  a belated holiday gift. Sunday I got a copy of Windows 7 and a new hard drive (2 terabytes! WOO!). So I had to give my computer a brain transplant. So far, operation was a total success. Everything is SOOOOOO much faster. Plus having a big hard drive will help a bunch too. Only bad thing is that not only did that keep my computer down a whole bunch of Sunday, I also didn’t really get anytime to work on anything, nor am I fully set up for comic creating. So allow me just a bit of a delay and I’ll keep you posted. All I really need is to get my photoshop going, install my graphics tablet, and scanner…well…That’s everything isn’t it!? At least I can draw and write for now. ha ha. So sorry bout the delay! I’ll have things back up in no time!