UPDATE: Replied the HELL out of the current page!! Thanks for all your awesome comments.

Okay. So I’m doing pretty okay getting used to my new digital set up. It has taken some time, but I think everything is how I need it to be. Having said that it has thrown me all outta whack for this week. All this PLUS I’m going home for new year.

I think rather than disappoint you all week I’ll just throw myself on your mercy and come back guns a’ blazin’ on next Monday. That way if I DO get to update (as I’d like to) it’ll be a nice surprise, but I’m not disappointing you continually. Just keep your eyes on your RSS feeds, twitters, facebooks, smoke signals, etc.

In the mean time you could easily check out a new comic every single day at my other comic site:
You could also check out the explosive conclusion to the current issue of the Always Amazing Adam Black’s LOCUS:
You could ALSO check out this rather interesting novel. Maybe throw them a buck or two? Can I direct your attention to THIS- I collaborated with Shahab Zargari for an anthology once. In it was both me AND the guy who created Adventure Time! CLEARLY this fellow has kickass taste. So it’s worth looking at his kickstart for PRISONBREAK 2438. A pretty slick looking project. Follow the link for more info.

Thanks for your patience. I’m still drawing!! I’m just kinda computer retarded for the time being. See you very soon? Hopefully before Monday. At the very least ON monday.