3 pages in one week!? Gasp! It’s a Christmas miracle!! Heh heh.

Actually it’s just me killing myself because I gotta work Christmas eve. It’s 4 am and I gotta be up by 7am and out the door by 7:30am! UGH!!! So let’s be quick!

Rodney is essentially announcing his intent to focus purely on fisticuffs now. If you hadn’t noticed he had kinda stopped relying on his fire arms, but now he’s serious! (*snicker*).

Also Silencio touches on a fairly simple strategy for fighting Rodney, don’t let up!!! Hit him with everything you can all at once. He’s tough to kill and nothing less than his death will bring Rosa back!!! So it’s all out!! FULL POWER or total defeat…

Come Monday the full assault begins as both Rodney and Silencio’s army are going to give it their all!!