Hey guys! So when you have to get up early and it’s already super late, you know the score. There’s no way in hell I could get the page done before work. Anyways no biggie. I’ll get that lovely page update AFTER work.

In the mean time let me introduce you to something nifty.


Do you know what Either Dojokes or Bacon Strips is? It’s my college comic. I couldn’t make dojo comics (or ANY comics) so I HAD to do something. I made one once a week and they started out rough, but they got marvelous. I did this for 4 years (4 seasons of the comic) and then stopped. Each year I would take down the previous year. Some comics only had 1 week of life online then vanished for years!! Anyway I’m proud to announce:

Either Dojokes or Bacon Strips will be updating every single day for the next few months.

May to be exact. Every day from here til May there will be a new dojoke or bacon strip. It’s low quality, but it’s random fun. The dojo crew is in there, but there are lots of other great one off characters too. I hope it becomes a part of your daily ritual. Maybe in time I’ll polish some of these strips. But hey! Why wait til then? Why not share them now? So enjoy!  Some of you may remember these. For many of you they will be all new.

See you after work with more Raven’s Dojo!