Forgive my slowness. I fell asleep last night! I had so much fun rendering all those guns I got overzealous and when it came to color I was a snoozy susie. Fuck it!! ON TO THE PAGE!!!

The gun juggle… In essence Silencio is surrounded by a gun bubble from which he can pull guns from any given direction and fire away. It’s a deadly sphere to be within… Unless you’re name is RODNEY! Now Silencio was supposed to be bringing the power… But this is more or less STILL a speed duel. That is unless you count trickery… Which Silencio was THINKING he was going to get away with. Till Rodney basically tells him he knows what he’s doing.. Then it’s a quick draw!!! GUN VS. FIST!!! Who will WIN!? Well… We saw who won the quick draw. It was a quick draw showdown within a quick draw showdown! Anyway the fight rages on and we learn Iron Maiden is a bit more awesome than just a bipedal munitions plant. Be there or be square!!!

It’s on the drawing board and I’m making it beautiful and awesome as we speak!