Dornail. Typically just your friendly neighborhood Supervert. But we’ve gotten to see him beating ass and figuring this whole mess out in relatively short order.  Of course it was a funny gag to have him rip out silencio’s brains by those swingy eye stalks, but also he wanted to see if our cowboy truly was a normal zombie (because he had a hunch he wasn’t). Anyway you see how this went! Now it is evident Buffalo is animated through other means. That’s the color signature of Fire Eyes’ magic boiling out of Buffalo’s eyes.

Now for another quick deduction.. Silencio used exotic guns, sure (the magnificent 7), but nothing with such an odd effect like reanimating the dead. The undeath ray didn’t add up. That’s because it was a gun Silencio Magically created. Ruh Roh…Guess it seemed like maybe it was high science since it looked like a futuristic space ray. In fact it was a gun created to help Buffalo zombify vanishing point faster. High science was just a fake out!

Silencio was JUST about to debut something MAGNIFICENT and now we JUST learned he is fully capable of using magic to craft guns. Looks like Rodney’s in deep trouble.

Tune in next time for something magnificent!!
P.S. Let’s talk about “next time”. I’m going out of state this weekend. Know that Stephen Colbert and John Stewart rally in Washington? Guess I’ll be there. That means my weekend is shot. No computer time. Probably little time for drawing (although I’ll be working on drawing anyway). Anyway I’m going to be nice and pessimistic and assume the next update will be Tuesday. It MIGHT be up monday, but with work and the trip and everything I’m sure it’ll end up being Tuesday.

P.P.S. Locus. Get familiar with this url! It’s going to be your new best friend as Adam Black gets ready to take the big plunge into hosting his own site. It’s scary folks! Support him as much as you can. He is working full time to bring you comics that are SUPERIOR to most of the shit you have to pay for FOR FREE! If you love this comic I PROMISE you’ll be a Locus fan. We’re just interchangeable like that! It’s beautiful art. Rock solid story telling. Titties. Cliffhangers. Ultra violence. The occult!! It fucking rocks.

P.P.P.S. I TOTALLY admit.. when I was drawing that center panel I was thinking of this cover from Locus. Sorry Adam!

EYESPLOSION!!!! <—-Click for inspiration