On a side note, sorry this one ran me till 7am. Yikes!! No sleep for me. My shift is gonna be KILLER tomorrow! Oh well. I’ve not been hitting updates the way I want so I said “Fuck it! Let’s GO FOR IT!!!”. I’ll chug lots of caffine and have an evening nap after work. Then go for the next page. ha ha.

OK!!! So The last few pages have pretty much been to demonstrate that in the realm of dual wielding Rodney and Silencio are kind of tit for tat. I also realized I never addressed Silencio’s twin hand guns by name in the actual comic. They are of course Lightning and Thunder. They were handed down to him from his Teacher Buffalo B.K.. and are only 2 of the 7 guns that make up The Magnificent 7. 7 deadly guns that are Silencio’s trademark weapons.

Michael and Janet are Rodney’s guns. Are they part of a set of 5? Hmmm.. Maybe not. Rodney was probably being dumb with his gun names.

Anyway “Why isn’t Silencio using the Magnificent 7 against Rodney?!”.. well he said he had something all new planned. And you’re not wrong if you feel confused Silencio fired in the complete opposite direction and put a slug right in Rodney’s back somehow. Is this the new thing?!

Tune in for the next page! The fight RAGES ON!!

P.S. I want to welcome all the new commenter and thank everyone immensely for their patience and support. I have kinda been super busy with work, so I haven’t been replying to anything the way I like to, but work is getting ready to calm down in about a week and hopefully things will get back to normal around here.