First up… Sorry to keep you waiting! I am going to fire off page 3 this weekend. Let’s gab it up about this page for a sec.

So here we have Silencio continuing his story. The man is basically recapping the events that have lead him back to this moment. He wants Rodney to really appreciate what it’s taken to get here. Anyway, some stuff to note- Here we see Silencio discussing the flaw in the mind wipe: He still felt all his emotions towards Rosa even if he didn’t know why! So he tracked down the only real connection he had at this point only to find that Frio had disappeared (to steal Raven’s identity…And observe carefully…The island was Frio’s real goal). Anyway, in trying to find Frio, Silencio bumps paths with Rodney and BAM…ON SIGHT gets all his memories back.

Defeating a C.O.C.K.S. mind wipe is no simple task. Was in Fire Eyes’ magic? Pure love? It’s not defined. You be the judge. Anyway this makes Silencio kind of a rarity!!

This page.. It’s kind of just recapping what you know, but Silencio would probably include these sequences in his boasting about what an accomplishment it is to be here. Also there was some slight reader confusion regarding the sequence of events leading to Silencio’s mine becoming unwiped. This clarifies that. Plus it defines Silencio’s relationship with Frio a bit better as well. Also we have the true goals of Frio spiced up just a tiny bit.

OKAY!! I’ll see you this weekend with page number 3! Gotta get shut eye!! It’s 6 and I gotta wake up at 7:30! *GULP*