You rock. Yes YOU! So you know I appreciate you my dear readers. Your comments really inspire me to keep my nose to the grind stone. Mind you I’m having the time of my life making the comic I love, but when you’re at the end of a 10hr shift (those are back in my life again), it can really be easy to just snooze. ANYWAY I’ve been VERY deprived all this month of my replying pleasure. Also worse than that it seemed like there was some clarification needed in a few instances! So I did go back and reply on the last few pages. For your reading pleasure I have the replies right here as well. Just know this You Guys and Gals kick ass and I’m thankful every day to have you along on this crazy adventure! Keep the posts coming and Thanks!


@Adam Thanks! The missing wedding ring is supposed to drive home the fact that the C.O.C.K.S. work hard to erase your memories… but their mind wipe… it’s not 100% thorough is it? Maybe noticing that tan line started his thoughts toward Rosa to begin with.

@RedneckNinja Yep. That’s a hotdog all withered away. Also yes, that is Frio’s butterfly knife stabbed into Raven’s pic.

@RandomMode Do you mean why didn’t the C.O.C.K.S. clean the evidence away from Frio’s trailer? That would be because Frio’s trailer was full of information to steal Raven’s identity and any Rodney and Dornail info was negligible. Silencio went looking for the absent Frio THEN got his memories back upon seeing Rodney and Dornail in person. As to the extent to which the C.O.C.K.S. actively censor… that remains to be seen.


Oh man! I should have replied to this page sooner.

@CWR The little stump in panel 6 is in fact Rodney’s stumpy tail.

I think maybe I didn’t convey the sequence well (there seems to be some confusion), but what happened is Rodney threw that piranharang and then turned his back on it. So it came back to bite him in the ass. (just as he was remarking). For me the unwritten joke was “when the hell did he even throw that damned thing!?”. I like to imagine he used his super strength to hurl it long ago and maybe he just forgot about it.


ha ha ha. All I know here is I love that not ONE, but TWO people wanted to make shot through the heart jokes.

Also I love that I inspired someboddy to reference Robin hood men in tights!

OOH OOH! Also Thanks Adam.. Man… Fish eye is SO HARD! I drew that one panel a few times.

OH! And @ Fat badger it was more that I couldn’t resist a chance to imply that maybe just maybe Rodney had guns to go with his twin pistols that were named after the rest of the jackson 5. Don’t worry! I LOVE rocky horror picture show! I’m positive I won’t be able to avoid referencing it in the future.


Welcome new board posters!! I like the name fancy mr. ham…

@Denya I would say that is the best evaluation for much of the shenanigans that happen with Rodney and Dornail. Also it’s kind of an unwritten rule that the rule bending shouldn’t make things too easy or convenient. I think Adam Black put it well when he was talking about how the comic wouldn’t be the same if Rodney and Dornail had as easy a time getting toilet paper as they do random costumes. It’s the Wiley Coyote acme products vs. food theory. Why order all that equipment to catch Roadrunner if you could just order food? Cause it’s less fun that way! Anyway..Yes, very good observation.

Er… Everyone else I really WANT to comment, but I’m afraid I’ll spill some beans! Better stay tight lipped for a few more pages.