WOO HOO! Year 2! This calls for Erotic Rebirthday Cake!So let me just say that first off I’m extremely humbled and appreciative of your continued interest in what seems like a vanity project. The dojo is so close to me, these characters so old, that I feel guilty creating comics about them. 2 years ago I knew I just needed to start doing something that was mine. I had come fresh off Godmode (to quite a disastrous run might I add) and had to do something I knew I’d be passionate enough about to stay with no matter how tough things got. And they’ve been tough! What with moves and not even having internet sometimes, but heck.. You’ve stuck with me through everything and I hope you continue to enjoy the dojo for a long, long time.

I can tell you that there have been many times in my life when I was told NOT to do the dojo. It doesn’t fit a niche. It’s not easy to describe. People don’t like that. When something isn’t easy or obvious to pin down to an existing label or target audience it makes folks doubtful of it’s success. And of course success is the only reason worth pursuing anything right?

Dead wrong. I love Raven’s Dojo. It’s fun. I love these characters and I know the awesomeness I have in store for you. I enjoy every minute of it’s creation and I hope you enjoy getting to read it. I want you to have fun. I want you to know the dojo characters as intimately as I do!

So while I’m not making a living or anything yet, I do have a measure of success. I have far more readers than I ever dreamed of. I know.. I know.. It’s not a world beating number, but to go from a mere 2000 visits a month to an average of 130,000 visits a month in just 2 years feels exhilarating.  I don’t have a full year’s stats, but from Oct 2009 to today my stat tracker tells me I’ve had just under 1.5 million visits. That’s breath taking.

So hey! Thank you. Thank you so fucking much. You kick ass. Now spread the word, my fine folks. Ha ha. Maybe one day I’ll be eating little ceasers while I do this for a living!  Cheers!

-Raven (^_^)~*