Hmmmm. First off… Sorry this didn’t hit this weekend!! This weekend was not a bad weekend at all. But, it was VERY bad for trying to get near a computer! If  you’ve emailed me or posted or whatever, forgive me! I’ll have to get back to it after work. I ALSO want to reply to some of the questions on the last page! I always try to post for at least the questions if I can. Again… Those replies will have to wait though.

So Rodney is just a bit fed up with this recap! In fact it was new info up to a point, but Rodney has no attention span. He wants to pop a cap, not re a cap. Anyway, Here Rodney’s dialogue expands a tiny bit on the word balloon where Silencio states that Rodney had Murder Mountain destroyed with Rosa in it. In fact it was simply that a government clean up crew rush job destroyed the operation. That’s why there were books and remains of cursed stone fiances and what not left behind. Not very high quality cleaning!!

Anyway, this is just me having a bit of fun. Silencio made his point (even if he did get cut off at the end). He’s gone through hell and now he’s ready to send Rodney to hell!!