Hey gang! sorry this one took so long. It really fought me. I had a LOT to do on this page.  It may seem extraneous to include the notion of Silencio having to recover every last speck of Rosa, but it does a few things… A.) (obviously) shows the relentless love Silencio has for Rosa. B.) Shows a little post story house cleaning Rodney and Dornail did. Beat a villain! Destroy his lair! C.)Shows a very natural way in which a NON magic user comes to terms with the magic that is now thrust into his life (and even how he came to dabble with it).

Anyway I’m very pleased with the end result. I am NOT very pleased with how long it took. Ugh. I worked all day on this page. Anyway I hope you enjoy! More Silencio and Rodney goodness coming Wed!