OH MY GOD!!! Well, ha ha. I didn’t get let out NOT ONE SECOND EARLY. That’s okay. It just made for an UBER late start. OKAY!! So let’s get all chatty chat chat chat about this page that I worked til 5:47am for you! (God… I hate to keep throwing around the word Love, but I must love you all… for I work like there’s sex in the bed waiting on me or something).

So couple things… Here we see Raven explaining how he came back to the fold. He’s in a zombie destroying mind since he was apparently so spoiled for choice he just up and decided he wanted nothing! Also Dornail let’s his pervy nature show that he’d probably have sex with a dead girl if she was still mostly sexy looking. And lastly but not leastly we are about to see a wicked cool chain of events here. See this issue? It’s almost done! Just a few pages till the 3rd and final chapter begins. And you’re going to see a side of Dornail I haven’t really had a chance to show in the comic yet! The Dornail who gets shit done. You’ll see what I mean.

Mall dezombification starts Monday. Be there or be square. Peace out, my amigos! I’ll be chatting you up through out the weekend since my week was a little to busy to allow that til now.