Are you avoiding Camp Crystal Lake?! That’s a smart call today. Oh WAIT! Comic talk! Well… the delirium of a 10 hr shift followed by..fuck I don’t even know. I’m loopy. Let’s pull this together!!

SO BAM! The boys went to Landscape Goats and “not much later” set up the stairway to heaven!! Is this an abrupt cut? Yes. It’s okay though. I kinda want this next bit to go -bam bam bam!!! So abrupt is intentional. Plus any real shopping would have slowed the pace and ruined the surprise. And that side of Dornail I promised you’d see? It’s the plan comer upper wither! To be honest I’ve been mad we’ve not gotten to see Dornail bring a plan together yet. He may seem lust drunk, but he can pull out a scheme when he needs. So Raven is on board with the zombie killing. Dornail gambles that if he can get Sarah on board, Rosetta will follow! What’s this plan?

Be here Saturday!!! I’m updating with the this week’s 3rd page! And the beginning of the plan!

Also it was a VERY unlucky day to be a reader who is a zombie. So long Stazz, Hellbore, Saorla, Makarovjac, Angelico, and the noble Sir Coalheart! Up the Stairway to Heaven they’ve gone!


1. Adam Black -zombified then decapitated by Sarah Lee.

2. Kristin Phillips – zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

3. Pogo Phillips -zombified then run through by Sarah Lee.

4. Rebel Yoda -zombified then killed by Metal heads “axe chop”

5.Guy In A Chair-zombified then decapitated by Rodney’s Crotch Rocket

6.Stephanie Holley-zombified then rode the crotch rocket to an explosive climax

7. Thjis Koole -zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

8. Silvermane-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

9.Ammc- zombified then betrayed by her own head turning speed

10.Indigo Warrior-zombified then betrayed by his own head turning speed

11. ThatGuyLewis-zombified then “busted” trying to chomp Rosetta

12. Internetninja -zombified..last seen being fooled by Dornail’s disguise

13. Julien C-zombified…Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

14. Evil Genius Jim-zombified ..Mercy Killed by Dornail on accident. meat grinder

15. Shockdingo-zombified..Rode Dornail’s crotch rocket to death

16. Stazz-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

17. Hellbore-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

18. Saorla-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

19. Makarovjac-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

20. Angelico-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven

21. Noble Sir Coalheart-zombified..rode the Stairway to Heaven